How to Select the Correct tools for the Process of Data Analysis


Data is surely a must-need necessity for every business. From tech companies to universities to governments to even hospitals, all are gathering, storing, and analyzing data like never before. Data analysis has become a necessary expertise in the modern growing business world. Thus, increasing the demand for qualified data analysts is thereby growing by the day. It is certainly not an easy job, but luckily, data analysts have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to special tools to make their work easier. With a little previous knowledge, choosing the correct tools to suit your business can make the process of data analysis easier and more convenient. Before stepping into the world of data analysis, go through a Data Analyst course in Delhi for a stronger knowledge base. You need to be well aware of its tools and techniques to follow the process of data analysis correctly.

Preparing for Data Analysis

You need to go through the key factors to consider before you choose the correct data analysis tools that suit your business goals. In order to select the correct tools for the type of data analysis you’ll be performing, you need to have a few essential things in order first;

  • You need to have a clear understanding of the type of data that will be examined.
  •  You also need to set the data integration requirements of your organization. This will help you to stay on the set objective and not deviate from the path.
  • Your data sources should be stored in a central data warehouse. So that they can easily be sourced from one location for the following analytical purposes.
  • You definitely need a clear picture of the data governance and the related security provisions.
  • If you require to share the data between different teams at work, then you also need to control access and permissions to secure that data.

Selecting the Correct Tools for Data Analysis

After centralizing your data, you can start analyzing it for business insights. Which you will further use to plan strategies to help grow your business. But how do you know which particular tool fits your business?

First, you need to create a list of your business requirements and measure the technical know-how of the staff who will be using these tools. Is your data handled by highly-trained data scientists or analysts, or by employees with limited technical knowledge? Or both?

If your team is however less experienced, then a simple, intuitive interface would be a great choice. If they’re someone with a good knowledge base, then you could make use of a platform that has features for an interactive interface for making significant changes to the code. You should also ensure that the visualization tools of the platform suit your organization’s requirements.

The modelling abilities of the tool also require analysis. Some platforms are however advanced enough to carry out data modelling automatically. If somehow that doesn’t fit the bill, and you insist on using homegrown modelling. It certainly has to be a platform that makes use of SQL to model your data before you analyze it.

Last but not the least, you need to research the pricing and licensing fee of the platform. Most of the options available are usually free, while some may charge a fee or subscription. And just because a platform needs you to pay doesn’t satisfy that it’s the best option. Some of the free tools available give a comparatively good result.


Data analysis is the most useful practice of modern businesses. Choosing the correct data analytics tool is certainly challenging, as no tool fits every requirement. Thus, wisely choose the tools suiting your business needs. Data analysis is a complete field with various job opportunities and offers growth in career. Looking at the vast magnitude of data usage, this can be the best time to start your journey in data analysis. With Data Analyst Online Course, you can learn the basics and become a true professional in the emerging data world.  You will never go out of opportunities and will always be in great demand. As every business industry today needs data analysts for something or the other. Thus, start learning and exploring the world of data analysis.

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