RSV Testing vs. Flu Testing: What’s the Difference?

Prior to understanding the difference between RSV (respiratory syntactical virus) and Flu testing. First, let’s thoroughly comprehend both tests. 

RSV Testing

RSV testing refers to identifying respiratory syncytial virus. RSV is a common respiratory virus that can cause mild to severe illness, especially in infants and young children, elderly adults, and people with weakened immune systems 

Flu Testing

Flu testing helps in determining whether a patient has the influenza virus. Viral culture, nucleic acid amplification tests, and rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDTs) are a few of the different types of flu tests available. 

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Major differences between RSV Testing and Flu Testing

Both the RSV and flu tests are diagnostic procedures for viral infections of the respiratory system, but there are some distinctions between the two. Let’s look at those.  

Kind of virus:  

Rsv testing Chicago detects a respiratory syncytial virus, while flu testing helps in finding the influenza virus. 


Even though RSV and the flu can both cause symptoms like coughing, fever, and congestion. But respiratory syntactical virus is more likely to cause severe respiratory symptoms in infants and young children. 

Test Methods

 The tests used to identify RSV and the flu have some similarities, but they also differ in a few ways. RSV tests, for instance, may require gathering a sample of respiratory secretions from the nose or throat. Flu tests, meanwhile, use a throat or nasal swab. 

Treatment Options

 RSV cannot be treated with any antiviral medications, whereas some antiviral medications are available for the flu. Moreover, symptoms management and supportive care are frequently the main aims of treatment for both conditions. 

Risk Groups

Both RSV and the flu can have severe complications, but RSV causes more severe respiratory illness. 

When to get RSV Testing and Flu Testing 

People who are showing signs of a respiratory illness, such as coughing, fever, and congestion, are typically advised to get RSV and flu test in Chicago. However, the specific timing and circumstances for testing may vary depending on several factors, such as: the severity of the illness, the patient’s age and health, and the frequency of the virus in the area.  

Furthermore, infants and young children are typically the most likely candidates for rsv testing Chicago, because they have a higher risk of developing serious respiratory conditions. Additionally, individuals with weakened immune systems may be more prone to severe RSV infections and should get a rsv test. 

For flu testing, people of all ages are eligible if they are exhibiting symptoms of the flu or have recently been in close contact with someone who has the flu. 

Important benefits of RSV and Flu testing

Accurate diagnosis- RSV and flu testing can help in accurately diagnosing respiratory infections brought on by these viruses, allowing for effective treatment. 

Provide treatment decisions- The medical care providers can use the results of flu or rsv test Chicago to give treatment options, such as antiviral medications for the flu or supportive care for RSV. 

Prevent the spread of infection- Knowing if a patient has RSV or the flu can also help healthcare professionals take the proper infection control precautions to stop the infection from spreading to other people. 

Ease anxiety- Flu or rsv test can help patients with respiratory symptoms get a clear diagnosis, which can reduce their anxiety.  

Get the most reliable testing service

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