What are the Top Features of Counsol EHR Software?

Counsol is a popular choice for counselors, therapists, and psychologists who want an efficient platform to manage clients online. It allows them to conduct secure chat sessions and video calls with their patients, as well as customize questionnaires and forms.

The software is HIPAA-compliant and easy to use. It also has features like client notes, appointments, and invoicing that increase practice efficiency.

Easy to use

One of the top features of Counsol EHR software is that it’s easy to use and maintain. Counselors can easily schedule appointments, verify insurance eligibility, and collect co-pays with just a few clicks.

It also offers a secure online video counseling feature that allows counselors to conduct remote sessions with patients anytime, anywhere. The telehealth platform is HIPAA-compliant and secures patient information by using a 256-bit encryption process.

Moreover, it offers a personal account manager that helps counselors resolve issues, monitor practice performance, and suggest ways to optimize their use of the software.

Counsol ehr software is a top choice for mental healthcare professionals and solo practitioners who want to simplify their practices with a simple, user-friendly solution. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive journaling and scheduling capabilities make it a good option for therapists looking to improve their practice efficiency and revenue outcomes.


HIPAA-compliant EMR software enables healthcare professionals to store their patient records in a secure manner. The platform also incorporates encryption technology to keep confidential data safe from cybercriminals.

Aside from being HIPAA-compliant, Counsol ehr software offers top features to make it easy for you to run your counseling practice efficiently. Some of these include client portals, secure messaging and appointment reminders.

Another important feature is the ability to conduct secure video sessions for clients. This helps you to connect with your patients more effectively and provide them with personalized care.

The program also allows you to streamline your billing process and receive electronic payments via credit cards or autopay. These features help you avoid AR days and increase your revenue outcomes. Its client portal helps your patients to request, reschedule and cancel appointments with a few clicks. It also sends you automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and improve overall practice productivity.


Counsol EHR software is affordable and easy to use. It helps counselors manage client intake forms, appointments, and billing invoices. It also offers HIPAA-compliant features, making it an ideal option for solo practitioners and small medical practices.

The software’s patient portal allows patients to schedule their visits online, reducing the number of no-shows and increasing practice efficiency. It also keeps track of co-pays and insurance eligibility, ensuring that all appointments are covered.

Counselors can easily conduct video and audio sessions with patients. This feature is especially useful for therapists and counselors who prefer to provide high-quality telemedicine services.

In addition, Counsol’s billing and revenue cycle management feature is a great option for counselors and mental health facilities. It allows users to send automated invoice notifications to their patients and process credit card payments through a third-party payment processor.

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The ability of your health information system to expand in step with the growth of your practice is a must. This helps your staff keep up with growing patient demand and ensures you are not left behind in a competitive market.

Scalable technology allows you to engage more patients, boost revenue and reduce your administrative expenses. It also provides the functionality to handle large volumes of data in a secure and reliable manner.

Top-of-the-line scalability and security features ensure the software is always up and running, no matter the weather or time of day. This includes robust backups and redundant servers to protect the data of your growing clientele.

In addition to scalability, Counsol ehr software offers some of the most functional and user-friendly electronic medical records (EMR) solutions on the market. From client notes and insurance claims to appointments and billing, it has everything you need to make your practice more efficient and less stressful.


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